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I Thought My Daughter Was Defiant, It Turns Out She Has Slow Processing Speed

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I'm someone who sets out to complete everything I do as fast as possible, like I'm running an imaginary race. It feels like a cruel twist of fate my 10-year-old daughter languishes over the simplest tasks. Heading out the door each morning is a battle of wills I often lose. We end up late to where we're going, and I'm left stressed and angry. This type of family conflict arises over mismatches in processing speed — the speed at which it takes a person to get something done.

If you hurry, and your child moves like a sloth lounging in the sun, it's hard to keep from screaming. If you both dawdle, you'll end up late to appointments and practices. Or if one child is fast and another slow, the fast kid can resent waiting around for the other.

Knowing the rate you and your family members process information, experience time, make decisions, and what to do about it can be the key to minimizing stressors within and outside the home.

Read the article HERE


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